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The innovative Smoothtech® sill systems display a harmonious balance of performance and aesthetic. Careful selection of weather seals and rolling gear, allows an enhanced performance and almost frictionless rolling.

The bottom-rolling option maintains a low profile appearance via a discreet chevron up-stand. Its ability to evenly distribute panel weights prevents the flat spotting of tires allowing the smoothest slide.

The top-rolling option provides a completely flat sill for the ultimate in sleek styling while maintaining a smooth slide.

This technology not only allows effortless action where even very heavy doors can move at a touch, a pressure equalised rain screened sill design maintains superior weathertightness.


The Eurostacker® sliding door is the ultimate in discreet home styling.

• Unique track profile
• Outside sliding panels
• Smoothtech®


The Euroslider® slides with fingertip control & provides low maintenance cleaning.

• Unique track profile
• Outside sliding panels
• Smoothtech®

Foldback® Bifold

The Foldback® Bifold door panels fold flat for safe unobstructed access.

• Flat surfaced sill
• Top rolling system
• Tested to 50,000 cycles